About Us

APII.IO was founded in 2006 by two experienced computer professionals. Sick of so many web hosting packages being either very poorly performing or prohibitively expensive, the company was formed to deliver services of the utmost quality at affordable prices.

Quality in action

Instead of trying to rush into an already overcrowded marketplace, Apii.io took a step back, and looked at what was happening in the internet services business. They decided that in order to achieve their goals a mixture of solid reliability, innovative account features and excelling in customer service would be the best way to precede. Looking at the company today it is easy to see these principles in action. The Apii.io servers are of the utmost quality using a mixture of industry leading hardware and software, backed up by network hardware from some of the largest names in the business – Juniper, Dell and SuperMicro for maximum reliability, accessibility and uptime. This coupled with innovative features such as our renowned in-house built control panel leads to excellent levels of customer satisfaction. In terms of customer support anyone emailing or submitting a helpdesk ticket is assured of a swift response from a person with intimate knowledge of both Apii.io and web hosting in general.

What about prices?

At Apii.io we understand that no-one wants to pay more than they need to for a service. To put this into action, we have researched our prices thoroughly, and have managed to come up with some of the most competitive prices seen anywhere in the internet services market today. We try to beat any Dedicated Server prices the competition can throw at us. If you find a better price come to us, and we'll try to sort you out a special deal. We also make it a policy to give people as much as possible for their money. We know from our experience that there's nothing more frustrating than running out of bandwidth or space with your provider, which is why we give people such generous amounts of storage without charging the premium amounts you might have expected.

Where next for Apii.io?

Apii.io is constantly evolving and changing to suit our customer's needs. If you choose to use us to provide you with your internet services, you can be assured that we will try our best to provide the best possible service we can. In the future it is likely that, as we expand, we will introduce new, innovative products and solutions for every eventuality based on the three central Apii.io principles of quality, innovation and customer care. However we go from this point on, we simply hope to be able to take you, as a satisfied and happy customer along with us as we progress further into the market.