Welcome to apii.io

APII.IO was founded in 2006 by two experienced computer professionals under the name web demons. Sick of so many web hosting packages being either very poorly performing or prohibitively expensive, the company was formed to deliver cutting edge services of the utmost quality, performance and price.

If you choose to use us to provide you with your internet services, you can be assured that we will try our best to provide the best possible service we can. In the future it is likely that, as we expand, we will introduce new, innovative products and solutions for every eventuality based on the three central Apii.io principles of quality, innovation and customer care.

What makes apii.io special?

Data Centers
Years in Hosting
Sites Served
100+ TB
Data Stored

Our Network

Reliable, Fast and Fully Redundant Network

We have built our network from the ground up to provide our customers with the best possible speed and latency with multiple data centre locations.

We operate our own fully diverse, multi-carrier BGP4 network, under our own ASN 39070.

Full RIPE NCC and LINX member.

Our Team Introducing some of our expert team members who have many years of experience.

To find out the latest on our system status.